Is the posting of adverts a paid service?

The publishing of adverts on the Portal is a paid service. The fee for the publishing of an advert varies depending upon the category of the advert. An advert about the sale of a fur coat will cost more than the publishing of an advert about the sale of a child's dress.

What is the listing time of a published advert?

A published advert is active for 45 days.

When the listing time of an advert has ended, it is stored in your adverts' archive, from where it can be renewed after paying the fee for an advert of the respective category.

Can i change a published advert?

The contents of an advert cannot be changed during its listing time.

What is a photo change?

A maximum of 5 photos can be added to an advert. When the limit is reached, you are offered the "Photo Change" option.

The photo change is meant to be used to improve the visual appearance of your advert — refresh its appearance. Please note that the photo change can only be used to refresh the appearance of the listed Gem, not to change the contents of the advert. If the submitted photo change contains a change of the item, it will be rejected.

Photo change requests are reviewed within 24 hours.

How can i learn the listing price for each advert?

You will see the price of the particular advert as soon as you will have chosen the category of your advert during its posting procedure. It varies from 0,15 to 0,75 EUR for an advert.

How can i pay for my advert?

Payments for the publishing of adverts can be made from your virtual Purse, which must be first supplemented via Swedbank Internet Banking or a payment card of any other bank.

We also offer you a possibility to pay for the listing of an advert by means of a paid SMS containing the provided code. Please note that an SMS can be used to pay only for a particular advert. You cannot supplement the Purse via a paid SMS.

Attention: The cost of an SMS is around 50 % higher than in the case of paying for the advert from the Purse. The listing price of an advert is added the fee for the services of the mobile operator.

I did not receive the sms confirming the publication of the advert after paying by means of an sms. Why is that?

If you have not received the confirmation SMS, it most probably means that it was not possible to deduct money from the account for the SMS. Money is deducted based on the SMS with the confirmation that the services has been paid for, which sent in reply to your SMS.

Please contact your mobile operator and check:

  1. if the account of your prepaid card has sufficient funds;
  2. if you have paid your post-paid invoice on time;
  3. if the operator has not blocked or limited added-value services for your number, or limited, restricted the amounts for added-value services.

I made a mistake in the payment code in my sms and paid for someone else's advert. What do i do?

We understand that it is very unpleasant, but you must follow closely the instructions on the screen while sending a paid SMS. Sending of a paid SMS is a transaction that cannot be cancelled or revoked.

What adverts are suspended by the administration?

  1. Adverts that are in the wrong category and commercial adverts.
  2. Adverts that are not prepared in accordance with the posting rules of adverts.
  3. Adverts containing false information.
  4. Adverts selling drugs, dietary supplements etc.
  5. Adverts selling goods subject to excise tax;
  6. Any advert reported by users of the portal is also subject to review.

My advert has been suspended. What do i do now?

The suspended advert is stored in your adverts' archive and you can correct it to satisfy the rules and submit it repeatedly at any time.

The repeated review of suspended adverts may take up to 48 hours.

Can i report violations committed by other users?

If you have become aware of any violations, please, report them by pressing the grey flag besides the advert / forum post / user profile and add a description. The administration of the portal reviews each report and, if a violation is detected, appropriate action is taken.

What is the verification of a profile?

The portal offers a possibility to verify your profile, when supplementing the Purse by means of Swedbank Internet Banking. Information about the payee (name, surname) visible only to registered users will be received from the bank and you will not be able to change it in the future. After the verification of your profile a special sign will be added to your profile, which will increase the buyers' trust in you. The verification of the profile is not mandatory.

I have closed my profile, but would like to restore it. What do i do?

If you would like to restore your closed profile, please, contact the administrator. You must indicate the email address you provided in your profile at the time of registration.

I have deleted my advert accidentally, what do i do?

If you have deleted your advert accidentally, you must contact the administrator of the portal and provide as much detail as possible about your advert, so that we can identify and restore it.

Does the portal provide payment services between the buyer and the seller? is an advertising site. The portal is not a financial intermediary in purchase/sales transactions.

The actual purchase/sales transaction takes place between the direct buyer and the seller, whereby both parties agree on a mutually convenient way of delivery of the item and a method of payment for it.

Is responsible for the contents of the published adverts, quality of goods, integrity of sellers?

The administration of the Portal does not and cannot take any responsibility for any actions of third parties. However, we have created a rating system of sellers/buyers to help you avoid fraudulent transactions.

How can i ensure the safety of my transaction?

As far as possible any transaction of acceptance/transfer of goods should be performed face-to-face.

I you have chosen to receive the item by post, request as much information as possible about the item, its dimensions, condition and other details before you finalise the transaction.

I you have chosen to receive the item by post, agree the details of its possible return in advance. If the seller does not offer such a possibility, please, consider carefully all possible risks of the transaction.

If you have paid for an item, but have not received it, contact the seller immediately and request information about the transaction.

If the seller has not sent the item and does not respond to letters, you need to contact law enforcement authorities and request their assistance.

In case of an urgency persons involved in the conflict can contact the administration of the portal, which could get involved in its resolution to the extent possible.

Should you have any questions, suggestions or require advice, the administration of the Portal will be glad to hear from you – do not hesitate to write to us!